[Coral-List] Homeward Bound

AdRiAnA HuMaNeS adrihumanes at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 08:53:42 EDT 2017

Hi coral listers,
I have been selected as one of 78 international female scientists to take part in the second edition of Homeward Bound, a 10-year global collaboration of women working together to communicate climate science and gender equity on the world stage.This will be a life changing experience for me, and more importantly this initiative will be world changing! I am the only representative from Venezuela and also from the Caribbean in this initiative.
Homeward Bound will cover 60% of the cost of my participation and I need to raise the funds for the rest (US$ 16,000). I have started a crowdfunding campaign for this (http://bit.ly/adrianahumanes). Due to a currency control exchange in Venezuela, I cannot exchange Venezuelan currency to any other. 
I would like to ask the coral community to help me by sharing my campaign in social media. Also I wanted to ask information about Institutions, NGO, grants or awards that I could apply to get funds for my participation in this program.
Thanks!! :-)

Adriana Humanes

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