[Coral-List] Offer of Assistance- Propagation Methods for Bleaching Resistant Corals

Austin Bowden-Kerby abowdenkerby at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 18:56:25 EDT 2017

Dear list,

Like all of you, I am deeply concerned about the state of bleaching on the
Great Barrier Reef.

I extend again my offer to help those who plan to to propagate bleaching
resistant corals within field nurseries on the GBR.  While I may be able to
help remotely, what would be most effective would be for me to come in
person to train researchers and NGO groups on the various methods that have
proven successful in the Pacific and Caribbean. Also to help with site
selection to ensure successful nurseries and out-plant sites.

Due to the extreme urgency of the situation, I am willing to do the work
without compensation, as long as all expenses are covered and permits can
be obtained.  I may be able to cover my own air transport to Australia,
through small donations via the Global Giving link below.


Austin Bowden-Kerby, PhD
Corals for Conservation
P.O. Box 4649 Samabula,
Fiji Islands


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