[Coral-List] If you've had it with doom and gloom, come to the Earth Optimism Summit and spread the word

Nancy Knowlton knowltonn at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 21:20:33 EDT 2017

 I am going to post this again to make sure everyone who might want to go
to this meeting sees it.  From the coral reef community, Enric Sala, Ayana
Johnson, Steve Palumbi, Drew Harvell, Melanie McField, Davey Kline, Mary
Hagedorn, Laure Katz, Octavio Aburto and Bob Steneck  are speaking (among >
150 others, including Maya Lin, Jane Lubchenco, Dan Janzen, Gretchen Daily,
Andy Revkin, Tom Lovejoy). Talks range from whale conservation to venture
capital solutions.  In addition to talks, there will be a story collider
event, film screenings, exhibits, workshops, and 18 teams of engineers
racing to win a conservation challenge.

The rate for students is especially low given the amazing speakers that
will be presenting - it's basically a 25 hour intensive course in
conservation success (with food :-).

 Cheers, nancy knowlton
 (write me with any questions or for more details)




April 21-23, 2017 - Washington, DC

International Trade Center

EarthOptimism.si.edu <http://earthoptimism.si.edu>

Register online

200 Stories of Success

Be Inspired - Leave Empowered

*Change the Conservation Conversation*

We are bombarded daily with distressing news about the state of the planet
and the consequences of our actions. This unrelenting doom and gloom has
led many people to give up. Large problems without solutions lead to
apathy, not action.  Yet there are countless stories of conservation
success that are rarely told. They need to be shared to inspire hope and
motivate action.

*What's Working in Conservation*

Join over 150 speakers and 1200 thought leaders, scientists, artists,
environmentalists, and civic and business leaders from around the world to
share stories of what’s working in conservation - everything from
protecting species and places to reducing pollution, increasing efficiency,
and inspiring others to take action.  The Summit is for anyone who wants to
be immersed in conservation success - what is working, why, and how to
scale it up. Registration covers 3 days of programming and includes
breakfast and lunch, bird-friendly coffee sessions, and evening gatherings.


The Summit takes place from April 21-23 in Washington, DC at the Ronald
Reagan Building and International Trade Center.  Register online

*Conference Fees (3 Days): *

General Admission: $575

Student Rate: $250

*Student registration code: EarthST  (NB: Must bring student ID to

Program <http://earthoptimism.si.edu/calendar/summit/> includes Species &
Spaces, Landscapes & Seascapes, Communities Making a Difference, Science &
Technology, Energy & Efficiency, Health, Cities, and Business Solutions

Speakers <http://earthoptimism.si.edu/calendar/speakers/> include
celebrated national and international leaders from over 15 countries
working from local to global scales

Note that the program continues to grow – check regularly for updates.


Innovation Commons exhibits showcasing solutions

Video and Make for the Planet Competitions

Conservation Comics

Greetings from the International Space Station and Sister Events
<http://earthoptimism.si.edu/sister-events/> Around the World

Leading Journalists as Moderators

Streaming FacebookLive

Musical Performances, Film Festival, Story Collider Show, and Networking

Public Events <http://earthoptimism.si.edu/public-events/> in Smithsonian
Museums and the Zoo (most are free of charge)

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