[Coral-List] Can fossil corals be used to study what modern coral reefs were like before they were impacted by our species?

Vassil Zlatarski vzlatarski at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 15:59:28 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

I hope the following paper could be of  help to settle the current senile

Bennington, J Bret and Aronson, Myla J., 2012. Reconciling Scale in
Paleontological and Neontological Data: Dimensions of Time, Space, and
Taxonomy, in Louys, Julien (ed.), Palaeontology in Ecology and
Conservation. Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-25037-8. (Full-text PDF
8152 K)



Vassil Zlatarski
D.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Geology)

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