[Coral-List] EMBS 52, mesophotic sub-session

Yehuda Benayahu yehudab at tauex.tau.ac.il
Mon Mar 27 10:51:32 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,
This is a kind reminder that during the 52nd European Marine Biology Symposium, 25-29 September 2017, Piran, Slovenia http://www.embs52.org/ a sub-session dedicated to the mesophotic environment will take place under the auspices of the Horizon 2020 TASCMAR project: http://www.tascmar.eu/project. In the General Session among other contributions, a sub-session entitled: "Mesophotic ecosystems: mysteries and research challenges" will be organized by TASCMAR and chaired by Prof. Yehuda Benayahu, Tel Aviv University, Israel..

The Horizon 2020 project TASCMAR develops new strategies to overcome bottlenecks in the environmentally sustainable discovery and applications of novel marine derived biomolecules. The project investigates applications in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and technologies for bioremediation.. It takes a whole new approach, using as its main bioresource the invertebrates and symbionts found in the mesophotic coral-reef ecosystems (MCEs) that have been defined as comprising the light-dependent  organisms found below 30 to 150 m in tropical and subtropical regions. Current technological advances, however, such as remotely-operated vehicles, and closed-circuit re-breather diving, have now facilitated the investigation of MCEs. MCEs are regarded as extensions of the shallow ones with whom they share common species but also inhabit unique ones, specialized to this twilight-zone. It is hypothesized that mesophotic life forms may serve as refugia for endangered shallow water species and potential sources to replenish degraded habitats..

The deadline for Abstract submission is April 15, 2017.

We look forward  to meeting you in Piran,

Best wishes,

Hudi Benayahu

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