[Coral-List] amplification of ocean warming on shallow water reefs

Anne Cohen acohen at whoi.edu
Mon Mar 27 13:12:50 EDT 2017

Dear Colleagues

Our paper "Mass coral mortality under local amplification of 2 degree C 
ocean warming" highlights the role of local weather anomalies and reef 
hydrodynamics in amplifying a moderate open ocean warming to create 
conditions conducive for widespread coral bleaching and mortality.  Our 
findings feed into the discussion of which criteria distinguish 
potentially resilient reefs, and whether (and where) a 2 deg C cap on 
warming is sufficient to modulate climate change impacts on these 
shallow water ecosystems.

The paper is open access and available here: 

Press release is here: http://www.whoi.edu/news-release/coral-bleaching

if you have any trouble accessing either, please let us know

best wishes

Anne and Tom

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