[Coral-List] Ecological Genomics workshops for genomically uninitiated in the FL Keys

Mikhail Matz matz at utexas.edu
Fri Mar 31 13:22:38 EDT 2017

Dear all - we have a couple of seats left in our intensive hands-on summer workshops in ecological genomics. Please see details here: http://ecogeno.weebly.com/ <http://ecogeno.weebly.com/> .

Briefly, there are two workshops: one about genotyping, and another about gene expression. The high point of the first one is demographic analysis (historical population sizes and migration rates) using dadi. For the second one, it is coexpression network analysis and harnessing genetically determined gene expression signatures to analyze adaptation across populations.

The workshops are designed for science professionals ready to apply the acquired knowledge in their ongoing projects: senior graduate students, postdocs, researchers and faculty. Prior molecular biology (DNA isolation, PCR, gel electrophoresis) and bioinformatic (Linux, R) experience will be helpful but is not required.


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