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Coral Restoration Foundation is seeking to fill the Education Program Manager position. Please find link and position description by clicking HERE <http://coralrestoration.org/education-program-manager/>.


JOB TITLE:                                                                                      Education Program Manager
SALARY RANGE:                                                                        Commensurate with experience
SUPERVISOR:                                                                              CEO, Coral Restoration Foundation

SUBMISSION:                                                                              Email applications to: Ashley at coralrestoration.org

APPLICATION MATERIALS                               
1.     Cover Letter that speaks to your interest to be a part of CRF restoration efforts and what you can bring to this dynamic team (limit 1 page).
2.     Resume presenting related experience concisely and directly addresses items in this position description (limit 2 pages).
3.     Contact information and relationship to applicant for two references. Please note, if applicants are formerly associated with CRF, referees should come from outside the current CRF Team.
CRF is a United States (US) 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit ocean conservation organization. The core mission of CRF is to restore coral reefs, to educate others on the importance of our oceans, and to use science to further coral research and coral reef monitoring techniques.

CRF does not believe that the plight of coral reefs in the 21st century is hopeless.  In fact, CRF has developed a strategy for coral reef restoration that exists at the intersection of three core CRF programs: (1) restoration, (2) science, and (3) education.
CRF is a learning organization and believes it is very important to educate the public about the urgent problem of the loss of coral reefs, and how CRF’s programs can help to preserve and restore these habitats and improve scientific understanding of coral biology.  Through enhanced understanding of the problem, and demonstration of the effectiveness of its solutions, CRF cultivates an informed and motived citizen corps that will continue to volunteer significant time and resources to aid our restoration efforts. 

It is also critical that CRF staff and volunteers understand the evolving nature of CRF’s restoration and science programs, and their evolving roles in facilitating these programs.  CRF provides educational sessions for both staff and volunteers to meet these needs. In mid-2017 CRF will open a dedicated Exploration Center in Key Largo that includes a museum-type learning environment, classroom, and gift shop.

CRF’s Education Department is one of its three essential mission programs with a five-year strategic goal to inspire and equip others to take action in order to improve the health of the world’s reefs, using our work as an example.

The chosen candidate should embody the core values of CRF. This includes the ability to be team-oriented, and able to work with a diverse group of staff, interns, volunteers, donors and community members.
CRF Values Statement: CRF is driven by action and results. CRF believes that through education and innovation, we provide hope for coral reefs and future generations. We act with honesty, respect, and integrity at all times as representatives of the organization.  CRF promotes a positive working environment that values teamwork, education, and financial stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.
This position will be based at CRF’s offices in Key Largo, Florida, USA.
Education Program Manager is responsible for: a) developing and implementing an outreach program that provides education to learners of all ages regarding coral reefs, ocean conservation and CRF’s mission; b) the operation of the CRF Exploration Center including, but not limited to its staffing, presentation, program and display development; c) develop and supervise all aspects of the Coral Restoration and Conservation Internship program; d) oversee the creation and stewardship of the Education Program’s annual budget and operating plan; and e) working on special projects as directed by the CEO.
In addition to the essential functions of this position, CRF is looking for a motivated candidate, who is reliable, and displays strong core characteristics. This position involves working in a rapidly expanding non-profit. CRF is looking for a team member who thinks critically and is intuitive. They are able to adjust to changes and able to problem solve on the spot.
Job Responsibilities

·       Supervisory responsibilities
o   The Recreational Dive Program’s activities fall under CRF’s education program. CRF’s Recreational Dive Program includes active learning opportunities for people to participate in CRF’s activities as well as overseeing CRF’s volunteer program, a critical asset toward accomplishing CRF’s work.
o   The Education Program Director is responsible for supervising the development, oversight and budgeting of the Recreational Dive Program staff.
o   Supervisor to Recreational Dive Program Manager.
·       Internship program
o   Recruit seasonal intern teams three times a year.
o   Prepare and train intern teams upon arrival at the organization, collaborate with other staff members to train across departments.
o   Mentor interns for the duration of the internship (e.g. one-on-one meetings at least three times throughout the internship to discuss progress and feedback).
o   Work with staff members to navigate conversations about intern performance.
o   Consistently work to improve the internship program to provide the highest level of education to interns during their tenure and diverse opportunities in their training.
·       Exploration Center management
o   Ensure Exploration Center is staffed during all open hours.
o   Provide training to interns and volunteers regarding customer service and interpretation in the Exploration Center.
o   Responsible for purchasing all necessary materials for Exploration Center functioning.
o   Work with intern teams to manage 500-gallon reef aquarium.
o   Develop and maintain educational displays of the education center, CRF’s corporate office and partnership organization.
·       Educational programming and outreach
o   Develop educational materials, lesson plans, seminars and so forth for the education of students of all ages regarding ocean conservation, coral reefs, and CRF’s mission.
o   Coordinate and conduct classroom visits, Skype presentations, and educational community events.
o   Present to a variety of audiences in lecture and discussion style.
o   Work with children from pre-school age to adult students.
·       Manage budget for Education program
o   Develop the annual operating plan for the Education Department in order to move the organization towards its strategic goals.
o   Develop the Education Department’s annual budget to accomplish the goals set forth in its annual operating plan. Exercise fiscal responsibility and stewardship of CRF resources including regular (e.x. monthly) reviews of program expenses relative to proposed budget.
o   Work with Finance Department to oversee stipends for interns.
·       Responsible for data collection and retention of educational programming
Required Skills, Knowledge and Personal Characteristics

·       Bachelor degree in a related field (marine science, education, environmental education).
·       Three years of experience in education/programming for small organizations or non-profits.
·       Strong understanding of general computer technology.
·       Excellent oral and written communication skills.
·       Ability to plan and manage projects to successful and timely completion.
·       Self motivated. Ability to envision, design and implement projects successfully on one’s own.
·       Agent of change – anxious to improve self, business process, data quality and business performance.
·       Deep integrity, with an unwavering commitment to ethical behavior.

Desirable Skills and Knowledge

·       Certified scuba diver.
·       Masters degree in a related field (marine science, education, environmental education).

·       Critical thinking to adapt or modify processes in response to changing circumstances.
·       Solve routine problems independently.
·       Self motivated: identify and implement changes and improvements to processes and procedures.
CRF operates with a small staff of 14 people and relies on our seasonal interns as well as local volunteers to accomplish our mission and work effectively on the water. We are a lean operation and teamwork is crucial to our success. Being an effective team member means not only having the ability to work with your fellow staff members but also to be a positive example to our interns and volunteers (both on the water and off). Interested candidates should be able to work well with and communicate with a diverse group of people including fellow staff, interns, volunteers, the public, donors and partners.
Interested candidates should be able to:
·       Work with a diverse group of stakeholders.
·       Clearly articulate tasks by explanation and demonstration.
·       Occasionally communicate with internal and external contacts to seek or convey information and coordinate arrangements.
·       Consistently demonstrate professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and discretion.
Occasionally be willing to work in the field with students/volunteers, days can be 8+ hours on a boat/in the sun.

Coral Restoration Foundation, INC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Ashley S. Hill
Education Program Manager, Coral Restoration Foundation 
(305) 453-7030 | coralrestoration.org <http://coralrestoration.org/>
5 Seagate Boulevard, Key Largo, FL 33037

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