[Coral-List] New historical coral bleaching database

Simon Donner simon.donner at gmail.com
Tue May 2 13:09:06 EDT 2017

A new paper in PLoS-ONE describes our multi-year effort to make a more
up-to-date version of the Reefbase bleaching observations database and to
develop interpolated maps of the probability of bleaching by year:


Thanks to everyone on this list that contributed reports to Reefbase and to
this new effort. It is the work of scientists and divers around the world
that makes this type of database possible.

The version of the database described in the paper, which extends until
2010, is available for use via figshare and my website (below).

We are already at work on version 2 of the database, which when complete
will include data up through the end of 2016. Many of you have received or
will receive a message from our group about this next version.

During the process, we're also trying to fill gaps in past years where we
suspect there are unreported events. If anyone of the list happens to have
older (pre-2010, and definitely pre-2000) reports of bleaching that never
made it into Reefbase or the published literature, please be in touch.

Thanks again,


Simon Donner
University of British Columbia
simon.donner at ubc.ca

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