[Coral-List] Thoughts on coral decline and the future.

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   Ooops. Sorry, Ulf! (How embarrassing.) I apologize to the -list for moving
   the  decimal so far so fast and misrepresenting what Ulf said. But you
   correctly pointed out, some time before, that almost every culture has a
   Great Flood story/myth. Maybe ours will also.

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   Mike, very nice summing up, thank you for your service to the group!
   Just one house cleaning:

   On 2017-05-08, at 11:49 , Risk, Michael <[1]riskmj at mcmaster.ca> wrote:

   Ulf feels that some of the 35-meter rises
     in sea level cited earlier could have come in one day!

   Perhaps it rose 35 CENTImeters in one day, but the jökulhlaup events were
   probably more in the line of 3 to 15 meters during weeks or months.


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