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Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Fri May 12 12:21:13 EDT 2017

Dear Coral-List

It's that time of year that we can advertise our (the University of Derby's) Tropical Marine Biology Short Course in the Maldives.

As usual, we cover a wide range of coral ecology during this 12 day trip - September 2nd - 13th 2017

In brief - this short course aims to introduce tropical marine biology and more specifically coral reef ecology to you (the student), giving you a broad range of knowledge in this area. It is designed to give a blend of lectures and field experience allowing those with little knowledge to get up to speed whilst still providing a novel learning experience for those with background knowledge in this area. During the first four days you will have general coral reef ecology lectures on corals, sponges, effects of climate change on reefs, reef restoration and reef survey methods for example, then in the latter half of the week you will have time to conduct your own research project on our privately owned research islands.
This short course will give you the opportunity to learn the theory of tropical marine biology in a field setting, giving a hands-on, real life experience of field ecology.
The course offers you the opportunity to see one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world and understand how the coral reefs in particular are being affected by climate change.
We also offer the ability to learn a broad range of field-based skills which will give you a unique base line understanding of the whole of coral reef ecology.
It is taught in a way which offers flexible learning opportunities allowing the encouragement of group work and collaboration with students and staff from around the world.
We will be running our course this year in the southern atolls of the Maldives at the Small Island Research Lodge. From here we have the use of two private islands to conduct our field courses and your own individual research project.
The course is credit bearing (Undergraduate or Masters level - 20 points UK system) which is transferable across Universities but please inquire within your own University beforehand to ensure your specific institution facilitates this.
The all-inclusive cost from flying from the UK is £2299 and this covers everything from international and national flights (currently from Birmingham International), transit once in the Maldives (speed boat), accommodation, food and all course based trips once at the research station (inc dolphin watching for example).
To sign up please contact Dr Michael Sweet at m.sweet at derby.ac.uk<mailto:m.sweet at derby.ac.uk>
Or if you're feeling really excited book on the course following the below link; http://unishop.derby.ac.uk/product-catalogue/college-of-life-natural-sciences/short-courses/tropical-marine-biology-short-course-september-2017
I'm more than happy to discuss anything beforehand, however space is limited so contact me quickly. We can facilitate a reduced price (minus the international airfare) for those who wish to book their own flights to meet us in the Maldives i.e. those coming from other countries. Please contact me with this regard.

Kind regards

Dr Michael Sweet

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