[Coral-List] Thoughts on coral decline and the future.

thomas at seamarc.com thomas at seamarc.com
Sat May 13 14:14:36 EDT 2017

Hello Mike,


Not sure what we have to hope for. Or maybe it would be some sort of a
projectile, typically such as those used in firearms, which would be made in
a greyish and shiny matter having good electrical conductivity. If only a
silver bullet would do, then, I think we'd better look for it than hope for
it. But can we really identify silver?

Now, let's be very logical about this. If the bullet is really made of
silver, it should at least solve both the issue of pollution and climate
change, which have been debated here. It has been discussed that in fact
climate change was caused by CO2 pollution, and that everything was in fact
pollution. I think it is useful to understand pollution as high
accumulations of some molecules in different areas. In particular, as has
been mentioned, N and P in freshwater bodies and the coastal area, and C in
the atmosphere, which are precisely the main components of living organisms.
So if the C, N and P could combine into living organisms, we wouldn't have
any problems? So how come it is not working?





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