[Coral-List] Is any reef "remote?"

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   On the contrary. In previous posts, I have said that we need to focus on the
   local,  because  we  have some control over that (active tourism works
   wonders). If, for example, we project Gardner's curve/trend into the future,
   and use Florida as an example, we can see that the world's reefs will all
   have (vast majority) been dead decades before the oceans reach their thermal
   limit. Think globally, act locally..
   You are an American-I will put it to you like this. Do you think you would
   have more success convincing your friends and neighbours to check out the
   sewage disposal systems of any proposed holiday resorts, or convincing your
   country to give up fossil fuels?
   One is possible, and will produce results. The other...ins'allah.

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   Just to play devil's advocate (as someone who thinks of myself as  largely a
   "climate scientist"), does anyone think that we need to just give up on all
   locally based management and focus on emissions because, "unless we change
   that, nothing else matters"?
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        For those of you who may still harbour the belief that there are reefs
        isolated from human impacts:
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