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Nohora Galvis icri.colombia at gmail.com
Thu May 18 13:29:30 EDT 2017

We all agreed with the main cause of coral reef degradation:
Unsustainable development of Human Activities that produce global and
local impacts at different spatial and temporal scales.

Therefore, it is time to share what you are doing to lead
#GlobalBehaviorChange in your country and county. It is not scientific
to leave to God the well-informed decisions.

The Foundation ICRI Colombia is promoting the implementation of the
Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs (Principles agreed upon under
Resolution A/RES/66/288, popularly known as Realizing the Future We
Want to consider the rights to a healthy and productive environment.
Colombia proposed the idea of the SDGs in preparation for the Rio+20
Conference, Indonesia held in July 2011.This was picked up by the
United Nations Department of Public Information at the 64th NGO
Conference in September 2011 in Bonn where the outcome document
proposed 17 sustainable development goals and associated targets).
Specifically, we point out the relevance of the #SDG14 #SDG17 #SDG13
and #SDG7. Due to our achievements on the first two, I was invited by
the UN (Division for Sustainable Development, UN Department of
Economic and Social
Affairs (UN-DESA) to speak at the Ocean Conference next June.

An example of how we take action is our direct contact with the
Colombian President to request better Coral Reef Protection to avoid
dredging on #CoralesBahíaCartagena His mandate provided the Ministry
of Environment and Sustainable Development with the responsibility to
protect coral reefs. Nevertheless, He clearly stated to us that his
priority is not yet #SDG14 but oil and gas exploration and extraction,
and will leave it for the next president (2018) to decide about that.
Therefore, according to the Colombian current law is possible that the
government listen to the international and national community
following the right to express the request #Save #VaraderoColombia
#SalvemosVaradero. We thank the coral-listers who have signed and
those who will sign the new petition lead by one of our volunteers a
Psychologist from #Cartagena  Bladimir Basabe, we are reaching 10500

The next step is socializing the environmental campaign with the
fishermen communities from the Cartagena Bay, prior to the official
consultation by the developers.

Cordial saludo,

Nohora Galvis

Directora Observatorio Pro Arrecifes
Fundación ICRI Colombia
Coordinadora Red Internacional de Observadores Voluntarios del Arrecife


Twitter @ArrecifesCoral e @ICRIcolombia

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