[Coral-List] rise of nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere on a coral reef

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Thanks, Doug. 

That is a great paper, on several levels. If Anne Cohen is involved, you know the chemistry will be done right.

This paper tells us two things:
1. we need to abandon the concept of remote reefs being outside land-based sources.
2. any reef monitoring program that does not routinely assess nitrogen isotope levels is sadly out of date.

A bit closer to home: some years ago, we published on 15N levels in gorgonians off Florida, and on a "remote" island in the Bahamas (Sherwood et al. 2010, Env Sci Tech). We found clear sewage signals in the Florida corals, related to human density (no surprise). Of interest was the finding that (probably) over the past 20 years, atmospheric deposition of N had elevated the N signals in the Bahamian corals by >0.3 per mille.

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21st-century rise in anthropogenic nitrogen deposition on a remote coral
reef.   Science


Not open-access.  Note "see all authors and affiliations" and click on
"corresponding author".

Perspective (short popular article):  Nitrogen pollution knows no bounds

Not open-access.  See "see all authors and affiliations".

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