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Please re-post or send a correction if possible.  Somehow when you sent out
the announcement below and extra (.) was added to the link at the bottom of
the announcement.  It was not in the original text I sent.  The link for
the job opening is found at

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Kathy Shank
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SECORE International, Inc.


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SECORE International, Inc. is looking for a Research Director to develop
and lead our worldwide coral research and conservation efforts.

SECORE is a renowned coral reef conservation and restoration organization
with a global network of scientists, public aquarium professionals and
local stakeholders. SECORE applies a holistic approach to restoration
combining the latest research, education, outreach and active restoration
for the conservation of coral reefs. Together with the California Academy
of Sciences, the Columbus Zoo and The Nature Conservancy, SECORE has
recently launched the Global Coral Restoration Project to advance the
science, technology and application of innovative coral restoration

As we move to expand our coral conservation capabilities, SECORE is looking
for a dynamic and creative individual to advance and oversee SECORE’s
international scientific research and restoration efforts. The position
offers challenging opportunities to collaborate with leading international
researchers in all aspects of coral conservation. In addition, the position
offers the opportunity to lead the development and expansion of SECORE’s
research and restoration programs.

We are looking for a qualified person with a holistic scientific vision and
good leadership skills needed to maintain SECORE to the forefront of
scientific coral research. Our Research Director will supervise a number of
SECORE employees and subcontractors involved in research at various SECORE
project sites around the world. In addition the Research Director will have
the opportunity to collaborate with numerous world class experts in a
number of related fields such as coral reef ecology, restoration,
population genetics as well as aquaculture and engineering. This position
provides an excellent opportunity to lead a major international scientific
research program and provide positive coral restoration results.

Individuals interested in being considered for the position find further
details here http://www.secore.org/site/our-work/detail/job-

Kathy Shank
Administrative Manager

SECORE International, Inc.

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