[Coral-List] Seeking Contributors/Co-Authors: Marine Environmental Monitoring Book

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Tue May 23 07:56:46 EDT 2017


    I have been asked by Professor Charles Sheppard of the University of
Warwick, and Editor of the /Marine Pollution Bulletin/, to write a
chapter on Marine Environmental Monitoring for the book /World Seas: An
Environmental Evaluation /(an Elsevier publication), which would be an
update to his three volume set, /Seas at The Millennium,/ that he wrote
over 20 years ago; the publication will have full color illustrations
throughout.  I have accepted the task, but need to have input from all
of you out there who are currently monitoring physical environmental
variables in the ocean, and what your monitoring/research goals are /as
they pertain to marine life/.  Satellite monitoring will be a separate
chapter from /in situ/ instrumental monitoring.


  * Measuring sea temperature and light to better understand coral bleaching
  * Measuring ocean acoustics to better understand daily and seasonal
    plankton migrations
  * Measuring sea surface temperatures to understand migration patterns
    of marine mammals
  * Measuring partial pressure of carbon dioxide to better understand
    effects on marine organisms
  * Measuring eutrophication to understand effects on coastal nurseries
    and harmful algal blooms  

   I envision this project as but one milestone of many to occur over
the years to come, so I have established email addresses where
contributors may send their information today, and through the future,
so that updates to such efforts can be sent to that address for current
and future moderators to oversee.  For instance, one of the addresses is
for the Indian Ocean, so that all those who are conducting marine
environmental monitoring there can send their current information to
that address.  Co-authors can collate those efforts and work with me on
the final chapters.  After the book is published, people can still send
their updates to that regional address so that there is always one
person who oversees (and can re-delegate as necessary) the address for
that region.  In that way there is, theoretically, always an updated
regional assessment of marine environmental monitoring.  Such
information may be used for another book, to update a Web site, serve as
contact for a list-server, inform governments, or whatever.  The
following are the initial regions where you would contribute your
relevant details (co-authors would preside over these regions and email

        Atlantic.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com
<mailto:Pacific.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com>@protonmail.com
<mailto:Pacific.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com>
<mailto:Arctic.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com>@protonmail.com
<mailto:Arctic.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com>       
        Southern.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com
        Indian.Ocean.Earth at protonmail.com
*<mailto:Earth.Oceans at protonmail.com>*       
Earth.Oceans at protonmail.com <mailto:%20Earth.Oceans at protonmail.com> 
(mostly for satellite monitoring of all oceans)

   Note also that there will doubtless be sub-regions (e.g., Caribbean
Sea) that we could establish as we get feedback.  If you have large
files to send, please let me (or your regional coordinator) know and we
will give you a separate address to use.  (For more information on
Protonmail <http://www.protonmail.com>, please see the Wikipedia page
here, <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ProtonMail> and the Facebook page
here <https://www.facebook.com/protonmail/>.)

    So, here's the basic information I hope you can send (it doesn't
have to be a heavy lift!):

  * Literature citation(s), including abstract or whole article (please)
  * *AND/OR*, the following:
      o Your name and contact information
      o Affiliation
      o Specific site or region of your research interest
      o Parameter(s) measured
      o Equipment utilized (specifications on precision and accuracy
        would be helpful)
      o Research question(s)/goal(s) (name of research project would be
        helpful, too)

    So, if you are interested in contributing to this effort, and/or
interested in overseeing the regional efforts, please let me know and
you can be a co-author or contributor, however you wish.  If you don't
want to send to one of the regional addresses, that's fine, you may send
to me at my NOAA or Protonmail address (see header).

    Thank you so much for your help!


    James C. Hendee <http://www.coral.noaa.gov/people/jim-hendee.html>,
    Director, Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems Division
    Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
    Miami, Florida  33149-1026
    Voice: 305 361-4396
    Fax: 305 361-4392
    Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov

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