[Coral-List] European Coral Reef Symposium session 19 invitation

Anastazia Banaszak banaszak at cmarl.unam.mx
Wed May 24 13:33:29 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to consider submitting an abstract to session number*19. 
UP TO MEANINGFUL ECOLOGICAL SCALES* to be held at the International 
Society for Reef Studies sponsored European Coral Reef Symposium, from 
13th to 15th December 2017 at the University of Oxford, UK.

*Session 19 abstract:*

​Current restoration techniques can only be applied at scales that are 
too small (m2) to address the rate and geographic extent of coral reef 
degradation (hectares). Initially, restoration practices were designed 
to remediate acute, local disturbances such as ship groundings, and 
commonly made use of “fragments of opportunity” collected at the site of 
the disturbance. The methods used were thus suitable to assist the 
recovery of relatively small areas only. Progressively, reef restoration 
practitioners have sought to respond to coral reef degradation at larger 
scales to slow down the loss of essential ecosystem functions and 
services provided by coral reefs. Concurrently, the importance of 
incorporating sexual propagation has been recognized to maintain or 
increase genetic diversity, and thus promote gene flow and connectivity 
between populations. Sexual propagation techniques may eventually be 
used to carry out assisted evolution within well-managed areas. The aim 
of this session is to foster information exchange between coral 
restoration scientists, practitioners and managers, and to share recent 
advances in active coral restoration, particularly on a large scale. 
This session will include studies that have collected multi-year 
follow-up data to measure the outcome of fragment and sexual recruit 
propagation techniques, as well as studies that tackle the challenge of 
scaling up to restore large areas. It is expected that the session will 
serve to motivate future practices and research that help to advance the 
practice of coral reef restoration.

*Dates:*13^th – 15^th December, 2017

*Location:*Examination Schools, Oxford

Conference details and programme:


Session themes:


Online submissions for oral or poster presentations are open until 30th 
June 2017: http://www.reefconservationuk.co.uk/abstract-submission.html

*Registration: *Early registration closes on 15^th September, standard 
registration closes on 13^th October.

We look forward to receiving your submission to this exciting meeting 
and to seeing you in Oxford in December!

Anastazia T. Banaszak

Alasdair Edwards

Valérie Chamberland

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