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Coral reefs in the anthropocene

Coral reefs support immense biodiversity and provide important ecosystem
services to many millions of people. Yet reefs are degrading rapidly in
response to numerous anthropogenic drivers. In the coming centuries, reefs
will run the gauntlet of climate change, and rising temperatures will
transform them into new configurations, unlike anything observed previously
by humans. Returning reefs to past configurations is no longer an option.
Instead, the global challenge is to steer reefs through the Anthropocene
era in a way that maintains their biological functions. Successful
navigation of this transition will require radical changes in the science,
management and governance of coral reefs.


Not open-access.  See if you have the email address of any of the authors.

another:  traits

Biodiversity moves beyond counting species.
The biodiversity revolution.
Ecologists are increasingly looking at traits- rather than species- to
measure the health of ecosystems.



This new issue of Nature has several articles on biodiversity issues that
might be of some interest to some.


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