[Coral-List] Hurricane effects on coral reefs

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Many of us have received reports of large sponges being choked and 
killed by excessive mud sedimentation off the lower keys near where the 
eye of Irma impacted the keys. Similar sponges elsewhere along the reef 
tract were also affected but not killed. Previous surveys and mapping in 
the Keys indicate Hawk channel in the most affected area of the Keys is 
deeper and wider than in the less affected areas.  Divers will likely 
agree that water clarity is generally less in that area of Hawk channel 
compared to the upper and middle keys. We suggest Hawk channel contains 
more fine-grained sediment in this wider and deeper area that was most 
affected by the strongest part of Irma. In our new book Geology of the 
Florida Keys We discuss the effects of earlier hurricanes on Florida 
Keys Reefs including mud banks and mud islands in Florida Bay. More 
details can be found at the website below. Gene



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