[Coral-List] Turtles feeding on the invasive Sea Grass (Halophila stipulacea)

Ruleo Camacho ruleo.camacho at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 13:38:43 EST 2017

Good Day all.

I'm inquiring of the group if anyone has observed Green Turtles or any
other turtle species in the Caribbean feeding on the Invasive Broad Leaf
Seagrass (*Halophila stipulacea*). Antigua and Barbuda has a substantial
Green Turtle nesting population, and I have observed a video of the Green
Turtle seemingly avoiding this species of seagrass. However, one video does
not tell an entire story, and thus I'm seeking further evidence which
supports or shows alternatives. I am curious to know the effect this
seagrass is having on the local marine ecosystem around Antigua and Barbuda
and the wider Caribbean and would greatly appreciate any information you
could provide.


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