[Coral-List] Turtles feeding on the invasive Sea Grass (Halophila stipulacea)

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When I worked as a diver in St. Maarten from June 2015 to Sept 2016 I witnessed the feeding on an almost daily basis, like Tadzio already confirmed about the area in a prior email.

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> On Nov 22, 2017, at 14:38, Ruleo Camacho <ruleo.camacho at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good Day all.
> I'm inquiring of the group if anyone has observed Green Turtles or any
> other turtle species in the Caribbean feeding on the Invasive Broad Leaf
> Seagrass (*Halophila stipulacea*). Antigua and Barbuda has a substantial
> Green Turtle nesting population, and I have observed a video of the Green
> Turtle seemingly avoiding this species of seagrass. However, one video does
> not tell an entire story, and thus I'm seeking further evidence which
> supports or shows alternatives. I am curious to know the effect this
> seagrass is having on the local marine ecosystem around Antigua and Barbuda
> and the wider Caribbean and would greatly appreciate any information you
> could provide.
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