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Tue Nov 28 05:25:05 EST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting abstract submissions for a session dealing with tropical
coral archives at the EGU General Assembly 8-13 April 2018 in Vienna,
Austria (http://www.egu2018.eu).

*CL1.08: Tropical coral archives - Reconstructions of climate and
environment beyond the instrumental record at society-relevant timescales*


Conveners: Miriam Pfeiffer, Thomas Felis, Jens Zinke, Tsuyoshi Watanabe,
Atsuko Yamazaki

Deadline for abstract submission: *10 January 2018*

Deadline for support applications: 1 December 2017

Shallow-water coral archives provide precisely-dated annually to
monthly-resolved reconstructions of marine climate and environmental change
from across the global tropics to subtropics. They are a key archive to
constrain past seasonal, interannual and decadal variability – the time
scales most relevant to human societies – beyond the start of systematic
reef monitoring programs and instrumental observations of climate. Coral
reconstructions extending back for centuries provide a link between the
observational period and lower-resolution sediment archives. This is of
high relevance for comparisons of proxy data with model simulations of reef
ecosystem dynamics and global climate. Warming sea surface temperatures are
currently the major threat to the future of coral reefs, as seen again
following the severe bleaching after the El Nino event in 2015. Hence,
coral paleoclimatology is of primary importance not only for understanding
climate change but also for ecology.

Well-preserved fossil corals provide high-resolution snapshots for time
intervals of the Holocene, the last glacial-interglacial cycles, the
Miocene and the Pliocene. Coral paleoclimatology provides an opportunity
for collaborations among paleoclimatologists, marine geologists, coral reef
ecologists, carbonate geochemists, experts in biomineralization, carbonate
diagenesis and U-series dating, climate modellers, climate dynamicists, and
climate statisticians, in order to provide robust and innovative
paleoclimate and environmental reconstructions and interpretations. The aim
of this session is to present and discuss latest research on past marine
climate and environmental change at society-relevant timescales (seasonal,
interannual, decadal), in order to understand the long-term context and
impacts of future changes in the tropical to subtropical oceans, reef
ecosystems, and adjacent continents.

A key challenge is to retain the necessary scientific expertise and
leadership to undertake ground-breaking research on past marine climate and
environmental change at society-relevant timescales, in order to understand
the long-term context and impacts of future changes in the tropical to
subtropical oceans and adjacent continents. We therefore strongly encourage
PhDs and early career scientists to present their research. This session is
related to the PAGES 2k network project CoralHydro2k: Tropical ocean
hydroclimate and temperature from coral archives of the last 2 millennia.

This is a PAGES CoralHydro2k session:

Best wishes

Miriam, Thomas, Jens, Tsuyoshi and Atsuko


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