[Coral-List] Sarcophyton spp. collection from Pacific Islands

Tatyana Dautova tndaut at mail.ru
Thu Nov 30 18:54:57 EST 2017

Dear George, nice to hear about your interesting project. I am focused on the taxonomy and distribution of Octocorallia in Pacific (including tropical island' fauna). What is interesting for you - taxonomy, physiology or biodiversity?  
And which islands are interesting for you?

I see no attached your list of field station. 

Best wishes, Tatiana N. Dautova

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>Пятница,  1 ноября 2017, 5:53 +10:00 от George Hanna <gshanna at g.cofc.edu>:
>Greetings Coral-Listers,
>I am undertaking a project that would include the collection of leather
>corals in the genus *Sarcophyton, *ideally from tropical Pacific islands.
>So I am putting together a list of field stations that may be able to help
>out with this endeavor. Any information or direction is greatly
>appreciated. I will gladly answer any questions you may have.
>George Hanna
>Graduate Student of Biomedical Sciences
>Medical University of South Carolina
>hannag at musc.edu
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