[Coral-List] Hurricane Irma - Cuba Recovery Fund

Daria Siciliano daria at ucsc.edu
Wed Oct 4 19:26:50 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to bring to your attention The Ocean Foundation's campaign to
restore scientific capacity at two of Cuba's most important marine research
stations, following Hurricane Irma. As many of you know well, the storm
struck the Camaguey Archipelago on Cuba’s north central coast as a category
five hurricane, and brought considerable destruction to both northern Cuba
and Havana.

Cuba’s marine science community was hit hard. Two of Cuba’s most important
marine research stations, the Center for Coastal Ecosystems Research (CIEC)
in Cayo Coco and the Center for Marine Research (CIM) of the University of
Havana suffered significant structural damage, power outages and equipment
losses. Pictures at the link below illustrate some of the damage incurred.
These losses would be hard enough to mitigate in the US. In Cuba, where
resources are limited, rebuilding takes even longer.

Both CIEC, which lost all of its computing and research equipment and the
entire second floor of its buildings, and CIM are in urgent need of support
to restore scientific capacity. Liaising with Cuban colleagues, we made an
inventory of the most urgent needs. Please consider donating to the Cuba
Recovery Fund to help rebuild these institutions’ infrastructure and
equipment, and/or please share the link below with your network. You can
find all the details here:



Thank you,


Daria Siciliano, Ph.D.
Institute of Marine Sciences
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

daria at ucsc.edu

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