[Coral-List] Hello from the New ISRS Student Committee!

Jessica Bellworthy jhbellworthy at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 03:25:24 EDT 2017

Dear all keen coral reef research students!
We are writing to let you know about the activities of the new International
Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) Student Committee!
This committee was created by students for students to provide support and
professional development as we advance in our careers in coral reef related
research, education, and management. There is no need for students to
sign-up specifically to be kept informed about the committee ­ we hope to be
sending out emails on a regular basis to all current and recent student
members and also on coralist.
We are excited to announce our upcoming events and agenda:
1.     We will be present at the European Coral Reef Symposium (ECRS),
hosted by RCUK and ISRS, in December 13-15th in Oxford, UK:
·       ISRS booth ­ if you are at ECRS please come by and say hello, ask
questions, make suggestions!
·       Informal ISRS student meet n¹ greet drinks on Tuesday 12th Dec, from
7pm (location TBC)
·       Mentor/mentee lunch discussions with senior researchers (details on
how to sign up to follow shortly)
2.             We are creating an ISRS student blog to keep both the
scientific and non-scientific community informed about the latest coral
reef-related research:
·       Keep an eye out for the blog launch email coming soon - we will be
recruiting all you writers and editors for this endeavor
3.             We will be continuously updating the ISRS Facebook, twitter,
and Instagram account with news, points of interest, upcoming events, and
highlighting student work (including some exciting webinars!)
4.             Finally, after ECRS we will begin organizing student-oriented
activities for ICRS 2020.
We look forward to hearing from you,
Sandra, Laura, and Jess
ISRS Student Committee Chairs
Your ISRS Student Committee Members
Student committee chairs: Sandra Schleier, Laura Richardson, Jessica
Science communication and blog: Sandra Schleier, Jessica Bellworthy, Austin
Social media: Claire Lewis, Hannah Reich, Austin Yeung
Outreach and Education: Elena Bollati, Hannah Reich, Jessica Bellworthy,
Laura Richardson, Sandra Schleier
Professional Development: Elena Bollati, Ashley Dungan, Ryan Eagleson

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