[Coral-List] 30 (!!) Tenure-Track Positions @ The University of Hong Kong

dmbaker dmbaker at hku.hk
Fri Oct 13 21:06:06 EDT 2017

Dear Friends,

HKU’s Faculty of Science is on a hot-streak and we are seeking to fill 30 positions across the board. Specific to this audience are positions in Earth and Planetary Science, Chemistry, Ecology & Biodiversity, and Molecular and Cell Biology. Several of the positions will be connected to our Swire Institute of Marine Science which is undergoing a major renovation and expansion.

The job advert is here: http://jobs.hku.hk/jd.php?id=201701228

The University supports central facilities (Stable Isotope Lab, Animal House, Greenhouses) and we have our own Genomics Sciences Centre as well as incredible capacity in the private sector for advanced NGS and all-you-can-omics platforms. We are also developing cross-border research facilities with SUSTech in Shenzhen, China, and there is fantastic support for technology innovation and startup companies.

Hong Kong has a surprising marine biodiversity with >25% of China’s recorded species, including 90 species of reef building corals and unusual assemblages of soft corals, sea whips, gorgonians and bivalves. A territory-wide trawling ban in 2013 aims to restore our benthic fisheries, and progressive environmental management plans are in place through our implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The funding climate in HK is superior to many other places. We have ~40% success rate for government (NSF-style) grants in Physical Sciences and about 25% success in the Biological Sciences and access to funding via other government agencies, NGOs and contract research. Just recently, the new government administration announced a plan to triple funding to University research and development.

If anyone has questions about the positions or life in HK I am happy to answer them.


David M. Baker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
The Swire Institute of Marine Science
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Hong Kong
Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, PRC

dmbaker at hku.hk<mailto:dmbaker at hku.hk>


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