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Mon Oct 16 23:07:28 EDT 2017

For those who might be interested I am in the process of beginning to move a 1,000 tonne live coral reef to save it from being destroyed as part of a new port development. You can follow this process at the site  www.coralreefrescue.org<http://www.coralreefrescue.org>

Coral Reef Rescue – Saving Australian Coral Reefs.<http://www.coralreefrescue.org/>
Coral Reef rescue is simply tired of waiting for the Fisheries department of the state government to approve the large scale saving of the coral at the proposed new ...

We are also involved in funding and support of other coral work which can also be viewed on the site. We will be changing the site from a blogg/timeline to a site where we split the projects up as separate sections. If anyone has any comments once they have looked at the site we welcome them. You can send them to wayne at coralreefrescue.org

We are interested in any organisation that has moved coral in these quantities. Up to this point we usually move around 20 ton a year of live reef structures so its a significant upgrade in volumes. We hope to move the 1000 tonne over a 12 month period.

Regards Wayne Mckenzie Brown

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