[Coral-List] Fluorescence of A. palmata/cervicornis under LED lighting.

Damien Beri beridl at g.cofc.edu
Fri Oct 20 19:57:36 EDT 2017

Hello Coral-list,

Has anyone grown A. palmata or A. cervicornis under high powered LEDs used for commercial coral aquaculture? I am curious if these corals, given time grown under intense but specific spectrum LED lighting would fluoresce like many Acropora sp. It’s my understanding aquaculture has mainly been 10-20k metal halides.  The advancement of modern LEDs could show their beauty much more and help give these endangered corals more of a fight. Even if it’s just time a lapse of a single branch fluorescing.

What is the scientific value to figuring something like this out?

Warm regards,
Damien Beri

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