[Coral-List] Post Hurricane Algal Outbreak

Austin Bowden-Kerby abowdenkerby at gmail.com
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Dear Shannon,

Although the photos only show the macroscopic form, you are most likely
seeing an outbreak of several species of red algae, including *Liagora*, as
well as the normally very rare *Liagorothamnion*, the type specimens which
I discovered in Puerto Rico growing abundantly in shallow water on the back
reef and reef flats after Hurricanes Hortense and Georges. This
unusual species must exist as an alternate cryptic/ microscopic phase until
a hurricane hits, and which point it blooms abundantly and reproduces

The paper describing the algae by Huisman et al, 2001 is at this link-


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> I am trying to identify two species of algae.
> If link doesn't work, email me directly. ? http://pix.sfly.com/A9UmTWCs
> Three weeks post-Irma, few areas that showed any observable increase of
> algal cover but over the last 2 weeks, there is a dramatic "outbreak" at a
> number of locations around the British Virgin Islands. Can someone possibly
> help me to identify and/or if anyone else has seen such a dramatic change
> in algal cover in any of the areas hit by Irma and Maria? Thanks!
> kind regards,
> Shannon Gore, PhD?
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