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Dear colleagues, 


We would like to share with you our recently published paper about the
identification of heat-stress activated retrotransposons in Symbiodinium
microadriaticum, and the evidence for recent expansion of associated
sequences in the genome. 


Briefly, we have identified four Long Terminal Repeat (LTR) retrotransposon
from the Ty1-copia family that are upregulated under heat stress in the
coral symbiont Symbiodinium microadriaticum. We also show evidence that the
Ty1-copia retrotransposon class as a whole have had relatively high rates of
replication recently in the S. microadriaticum genome. This particular class
of retrotransposons have been found to be activated by a range of stress
conditions in other model organisms and there is evidence that the
replication of these "intracellular parasites" can lead to the evolution of
new, beneficial phenotypes. These findings could have interesting
ramifications for the ability of S. microadriaticum to adapt to higher ocean


Reference: Chen, J. E., G. Cui, X. Wang, Y. J. Liew & M. Aranda (2017)
Recent expansion of heat-activated  retrotransposons in the coral symbiont
Symbiodinium microadriaticum. ISME J.

Link: http://rdcu.be/w4d6


Jit Ern Chen






Jit Ern CHEN

Post-Doctoral Fellow, 

Red Sea Research Center (RSRC)

Building 2, Level 2, Room 2207-WS02

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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