[Coral-List] Publication on pH in a calcite forming octoral

Sylvie Tambutté stambutte at centrescientifique.mc
Thu Sep 14 10:17:06 EDT 2017

Dear colleagues,


We would like to draw your attention to a recent paper published by our
group on pH at sites of calcification in the precious Mediterranean red
coral,  Corallium rubrum. Our paper shows that in this high magnesium
calcite forming coral, calcifying media are more alkaline compared to
calcifying cells and fluids in gastrovascular canals, but importantly they
are not pH upregulated with respect to the surrounding seawater, contrary to
what is observed in scleractinians


This paper is Open access in Scientific Reports.


“In vivo pH measurement at the site of calcification in an octocoral”

C. Le Goff, E. Tambutté, A. A. Venn, N. Techer, D. Allemand & S. Tambutté



Best regards

Sylvie Tambutté

Centre Scientifique de Monaco


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