[Coral-List] The Reef Chronicles: VR with a purpose- Kickstarter

Brianna Bambic brianna.bambic at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 13:49:22 EDT 2017


I have an exciting *educational outreach project* giving people an
underwater experience of *changing reefs *(archival video vs present day
360) using *Virtual Reality*. Because not everyone has the opportunity to
dive or see what it 'use to look like'.

I launched a *Kickstarter* as a part of my *master's thesis *and asking for
* donations *to create an immersive reef experience using Virtual Reality
(VR). Research will assess if temporal scale matters and whether VR medium
can be used as a community engagement tool. I would love to tell you more
about my project, check it out here:

*Rewards* included for donations. No entity or person will make a profit.
All donations are for equipment and transportation costs.

Creating *awareness* through a real UNDERWATER experience using 360 viewing!

We hope to create better understanding and awareness of the coral reef
environment. Thus promoting Virtual Reality (VR) as a *community engagement
tool*. Here is a recent blog write up:

The Reef Chronicles: VR with a Purpose

And a podcast is coming tomorrow on http://nadeaumedia.com/.


Thank you so much for your *support*, deadline is in less than* 2 weeks*.
$2,250 to go! Unfortunately, no donations count if we don't make the *goal.*
 (experiment.com is on my radar).

Please pass it on to anyone and everyone that would be interested. Much
appreciated. Have a great day!

Brianna Bambic
University of Akureyri
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