[Coral-List] new paper on the Astrangia poculata coral microbiome

Koty Sharp kotysharp at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 12:09:37 EDT 2017

Hi all,

On behalf of the authors, I'm emailing to share with you our new open
access article in *Microbiome. *Here we look at seasonal trends in
microbiome composition in the temperate, facultatively symbiotic coral
poculata*. The paper is "Season, but not symbiont state, drives microbiome
structure in the temperate coral *Astrangia poculata*."

This work is a description of the prokaryotic taxonomic diversity in *Astrangia
poculata*, a coral that we think will be a powerful model organism for
addressing certain aspects of microbial ecology and symbiosis in corals. Our
hope is that the microbiome of this unique coral will provide a useful
comparison to studies of reef-building tropical corals and will help to
identify basic principles of microbiome assembly in multi-partite

This is part of a larger effort by the recently assembled collaborative
network of researchers in the *Astrangia* Working Group, a group of
scientists representing multiple disciplines and institutions who meet
annually to advance *Astrangia *research.

The paper can be found at *Microbiome*: http://rdcu.be/vTsO

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the paper or if
you'd like to know more about the *Astrangia* research network.



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