[Coral-List] Announcing the first book on seascape ecology

Simon Pittman sjpittman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 10:54:54 EDT 2018

 Good day coral reef community,

I am pleased to inform you that the 1st Edition of Seascape Ecology has
recently been published including an informative Foreword from Professor
Simon Levin of Princeton University.  Although not entirely focused on
coral reefs, we have several chapters that have special relevance to coral
reef ecology and conservation with tropical island case studies.

This book explains the emerging science of seascape ecology and includes
chapters on ecological connectivity, seafloor mapping, pelagic seascapes,
connectivity and ecological economics, human use patterns, patch dynamics,
linking landscapes and seascape, MPA design, spatial modeling, movement
ecology, holistic seascape ecology and applications of landscape ecology to
design of marine protected areas.

There is growing interest in the potential of the seascape ecology approach
to help address the challenges of ecosystem-based management and marine
spatial planning in addition to addressing novel scientific questions about
the influence of spatial patterns on ecological processes. We hope that the
book will help to stimulate a fresh perspective on our understanding and
management of the oceans and evolve into a comprehensive and exciting new
discipline within ocean science.

If you wish to purchase the book please use the following discount code
*SCE20* through the publisher's website https://www.wiley.com for a 20%
discount. You can also freely view Chapter 1 (my introductory chapter on
seascape ecology) and the Table of Contents.

*Please forward this news to any colleagues or students that are likely to
be interested in learning more about seascape ecology. *

Kind wishes

Simon J. Pittman, M.Sc., Ph.D., FRGS
Marine Ecologist
Director of Seascape Analytics Ltd (Plymouth, UK) & LLC (Florida)
@SeascapeEcology <https://twitter.com/SeascapeEcology>
& Affiliate Faculty: Marine Institute, Plymouth University, UK; University
of the Virgin Islands & Dept. Fisheries & Wildlife, Oregon State
University, USA

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