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Thanks for sharing our article!

We're hoping it "stirs the pot" and looking forward to questions and

Symbiotic immuno-suppression: is disease susceptibility the price of
bleaching resistance?   https://peerj.com/articles/4494/

Accelerating anthropogenic climate change threatens to destroy coral reefs
worldwide through the processes of bleaching and disease. These major
contributors to coral mortality are both closely linked with thermal stress
intensified by anthropogenic climate change. Disease outbreaks typically
follow bleaching events, but a direct positive linkage between bleaching
and disease has been debated. By tracking 152 individual coral ramets
through the 2014 mass bleaching in a South Florida coral restoration
nursery, we revealed a highly significant negative correlation between
bleaching and disease in the Caribbean staghorn coral, *Acropora
cervicornis*. To explain these results, we propose a mechanism for
transient immunological protection through coral bleaching: removal of
*Symbiodinium* during bleaching may also temporarily eliminate suppressive
symbiont modulation of host immunological function. We contextualize this
hypothesis within an ecological perspective in order to generate testable
predictions for future investigation.


Dan Merselis
PhD candidate
IMaGeS Laboratory (Dr. Rodriguez-Lanetty's lab)

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> I’d like to bring this new manuscript published in PeerJ to everyone’s
> attention
> https://peerj.com/a Symbiotic immuno-suppression: is disease
> susceptibility the price of bleaching resistance? rticles/4494/
> Enjoy
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