[Coral-List] Drill Inquiry

Margaret Miller m.miller at secore.org
Mon Apr 23 13:06:50 EDT 2018

Dear Coral-Listers,
We are contemplating a significant investment in one of the new battery
operated underwater rotary (Nemo V2 Divers Edition) or hammer-drill (Nemo
Divers Hammer Drill).  I would appreciate to hear from folks who may have
experience with either of these.  How many holes on one battery charge (3
vs. 6 amp)? What types of reef substrate have been successfully (or not)
drilled. Please email me off-list with any advice.

Many Thanks,
*Margaret W. Miller, PhD*
*Research Director*
*SECORE International*
*www.secore.org <http://www.secore.org>*
m.miller at secore.org

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