[Coral-List] The Geography, Nature and History of the Tropical Pacific and its Islands by Walter M. Goldberg

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Dear NOAA Coral-List members,

I am a Publishing Editorial Assistant with Springer, and I would like to tell you about an exciting recently published monograph titled The Geography, Nature and History of the Tropical Pacific and its Islands<https://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319695310> by Walter M. Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg is a subscriber to NOAA Coral-List.

The book provides an accessible scientific introduction to the historical geography of Tropical Pacific Islands, assessing the environmental and cultural changes they have undergone and how they are affected currently by these shifts and alterations. The book emphasizes the roles of plants, animals, people, and the environment in shaping the tropical Pacific through a cross-disciplinary approach involving history, geography, biology, environmental science, and anthropology. With these diverse scientific perspectives, the eight chapters of the book provide a comprehensive overview of Tropical Pacific Islands from their initial colonization by native peoples to their occupation by colonial powers, and the contemporary changes that have affected the natural history and social fabric of these islands.

I hope that the book garners interest among members and subscribers, and will be a valuable resource for geographers and enthusiasts of maritime history.

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