[Coral-List] National Academies Coral Interventions Report Release

Douglas Fenner douglasfennertassi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 02:55:02 UTC 2018

This report from the National Academy of Sciences on interventions to
increase the persistence and resilience of reefs has been released and can
be downloaded for free, open-access.


I'll paste in the table of contents below.

Cheers, Doug

Summary 1
1 Introduction 15
Global Climate Stressors 16
Disease 20
Local Stressors and Stress Prevention 21
Future Global Climate Projections 25
Study Task and Approach 28
2 Genetic and Reproductive Interventions 33
Managed Selection 34
Managed Breeding 38
Gamete and Larval Capture and Seeding 49
Coral Cryopreservation 52
Genetic Manipulation 54
3 Physiological Interventions 61
Pre-exposure 61
Algal Symbiont Manipulation 68
Microbiome Manipulation 75
Antibiotics 81
Phage Therapy 85
Antioxidants 87
Nutritional Supplementation 90
4 Coral Population and Community Interventions 93
Managing Coral Predators, Competitors, and Facilitators 93
Managed Relocation 94
5 Environmental Interventions 113
Shading of Coral Reefs 114
Mixing of Cool Water 118
Abiotic Ocean Acidification Interventions 120
Seagrasses Meadows and Macroalgal Beds 123
6 Conclusion 129
Guiding Themes 133
Considerations for Implementation 136
References 139
Glossary 183
Appendix A – Committee and Staff Biographies 187
Appendix B – Information-Gathering Meeting Agendas 191

On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 8:15 AM Tali Vardi - NOAA Affiliate <
tali.vardi at noaa.gov> wrote:

> NOAA sponsored a National Academy of Sciences Report on Interventions to
> Increase the Resilience of Coral Reefs. The first of two reports will be
> publicly released on Wednesday November 28th. Dr. Steve Palumbi, Chair of
> the Committee, will present the report during a public webinar at 1PM EDT.
> Please register to attend in person (in Washington DC) or on the web here
> <
> https://mailchi.mp/nas/upcoming-report-release-a-research-review-of-interventions-to-increase-the-persistence-and-resilience-of-coral-reefs?e=3b7f9cd075
> >.
> The report is nuanced but concise, thorough, and comprehensive, like a
> drinkable rosé. It provides a wonderful review of the state of the science
> and lays the groundwork for this field to charge forward and save the
> reefs.
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