[Coral-List] Blue Planet 2 synchronized viewing and twitter chat

David Shiffman david.shiffman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 17:47:33 UTC 2018

Hello, everyone!

The BBC documentary "Blue Planet 2" is now streaming on Netflix in both the
US and Canada.

I'm going to arrange a synchronized viewing (everyone no matter where they
are starts watching at the same time) and twitter chat with ocean experts.
(Anyone in Vancouver is welcome to watch with me in my living room).

That way, ocean enthusiasts can ask questions to experts about what they're
seeing, and learn even more than they would just from watching an
educational documentary. We've used this model before for other wildlife
documentaries and it works well.

If you are a marine biologist or conservation expert and would like to
participate in some or all of this twitter chat, please let me know so I
can be sure to introduce you.

Schedule is as follows:

Sunday December 16th
Ep 1 “Our Ocean” 6 P.M. EST/3 P.M. Pacific
Ep 2 “The Deep”   7 P.M. EST/4 P.M. Pacific
Ep 3 “Coral Reefs  8 P.M. EST/ 5 P.M. Pacific

Monday December 17th
Ep 4 “Big Blue”      8 EST/5 Pacific
Ep 5 “Green Seas” 9 EST/6 Pacific

Tuesday December 18th
Ep 6 “Coasts”        8 EST/5 Pacific
Ep 7 “Blue Planet” 9 EST/6 Pacific

I've attached an image below with the schedule and would appreciate it if
you could help spread the word to your networks. Also here is a tweet
advertising it if you'd prefer to just RT an existing tweet:

Please let me know if anyone has any questions.


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