[Coral-List] Evidence based imagery for effective climate change communication

Robert Nowicki rnowicki at mote.org
Mon Feb 5 13:02:32 EST 2018

Hello all,

I attended a webinar today hosted by Climate Outreach regarding the IPCC
handbook for public engagement on climate change.  One of the tips listed
in the webinar for successful engagement is using effective visual
communication.  The hosts included a link to a website, climatevisuals.org,
which undertook a project to systematically determine what makes an
effective and engaging climate change image, and what aspects of climate
change imagery are most likely to evoke certain responses.

I have not checked out all of the images, but for those of you (like
myself) who sometimes come up short when trying to figure out how best to
visually convey climate change effects, I encourage you to take a look.
Some of the images are under Creative Commons, but even those that are not
still describe the image properties that resonated with test groups, which
might help when picking between your own field photos for a talk, poster,
or figure.

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