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Jessica Levy - CRF jessica at coralrestoration.org
Mon Feb 12 11:24:31 EST 2018

Good afternoon! 


Please find below the position description for the open position of Reef Restoration Program Associate with Coral Restoration Foundation.

More information about the positon can be found at: http://www.coralrestoration.org/careers/

For more information about Coral Restoration Foundation visit: www.coralrestoration.org


Cover Letter that speaks to your interest to be a part of CRF restoration efforts and what you can bring to this dynamic team (limit 2 page). 
Resume presenting related experience concisely and directly addressing items in this position description (limit 3 pages).
Contact information and relationship to applicant for a minimum of three references. Please note, if applicants are formerly associated with CRF, referees should come from outside the current CRF Team.
All application materials should be submitted in one PDF document saved as: Last name.first name.date of submission. For example: Doe.Jane.05-01-2017
Email to: jessica at coralrestoration.org. Applications will be accepted until the positon is filled.


The chosen candidate embodies the core values of the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF). This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to be team-oriented, and able to work with a diverse group of staff, interns, volunteers, donors and community members. 


CRF Values Statement: CRF is driven by action and results. CRF believes that through education and innovation, we provide hope for coral reefs and future generations. We act with honesty, respect, and integrity at all times as representatives of the organization.  CRF promotes a positive working environment that values teamwork, education, and financial stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Biology, Ecology, Marine, or Environmental sciences.
Strong organizational, communication, and planning skills are critical. 
Preference will be given to those applicants SCUBA certified as Rescue Diver or higher, from an internationally recognized training agency with a minimum of thirty (30) open water dives; a minimum of fifteen (15) of those dives as ocean dives and a minimum of five (5) boat dives. 
Current certifications for: First Aid, CPR and O2 Provider with the certification issued from an internationally recognized agency. 
Strong small boat handling and boat trailering experience. Preference to MOCC Certified or Coast Guard Licensed Captains.


This position is based in Key Largo, Florida, USA. Applicants must have a positive attitude while being self-motivated, reliable, and display strong core characteristics as described in CRF’s value statement. This position involves working in a complex underwater environment, maintaining high safety standards while often managing 3-5 additional (sometimes relatively inexperienced) divers. A CRF team member is a multi-tasker who is expected to think critically while being intuitive. They are able to adjust unexpectedly to changes and readily solve problems. They must achieve and maintain a high level of spatial awareness, for divers’ safety and in an effort to complete restoration tasks seamlessly. 


This position is a field-based team member who will assist in executing CRF’s day to day restoration and monitoring efforts. They work closely with the Reef Restoration Program Manager and restoration team to help plan and support operations such as: the installation and long-term management of all CRF coral nursery structures, outplant sites, and monitoring efforts, while following CRF’s standard operating procedures for restoration activities.  On water efforts involve directing fellow divers and communicating tasks, boat handling and boat trailering. 


While the primary purpose of this position is to facilitate diving and field-based tasks, this work is also supplemented with land-based activities designed to support CRF’s efforts. Supplemental task may include (but is not limited to): nursery structure assembly, inventory of restoration materials, fueling vehicles and boats, and assisting in scuba gear maintenance. They are also expected to provide day to day task descriptions and updates to the Program Manager via CRF’s master scheduling documents and direct communication. Additionally, they may be asked to provide ad hoc reports and to contribute to preparing reporting documents.


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Biology, Ecology, Marine, or Environmental sciences. 
Excellent communications in English, both orally and in writing.
Spatial awareness of surroundings and fellow divers. This means being able to watch and manage dive teams while also being able to accomplish tasks within nurseries and at restoration sites.
Demonstrated experience using MS Office (Word, Excel and Outlook), Garmin GPS software, and Google products (Google Earth and calendar features). 
Strong organizational and analytical skills.
Acute attention to detail.
Practical experience boating and trailering small boats in the open ocean is preferred. 
Experience with SCUBA tank, high pressure air compressor, gear repairs, and general vehicle or vessel maintenance. 

Critical thinking to adapt or modify processes in response to fluid circumstances.
Coordinate multiple tasks with many variables, while working on SCUBA.
Solve routine problems independently; consult Program Manager for unusual or complex problems.
Development of acute spatial awareness and attention to detail while working in the underwater environment is critical. 


CRF operates with a small full-time staff. CRF relies on seasonal interns as well as volunteers to accomplish its mission and work effectively on and in the water.  This lean operation, along with a diverse and unified team, is crucial to our success. Being an effective team member includes setting a positive and professional example for the interns and volunteers, both on and off the water. It requires the sustained ability to work harmoniously with the CRF team, interns, volunteers, and the public, including the donors, partners, and media. 


This job includes an ability to:
Successfully supervise diverse groups of divers with various levels of dive skills and certifications. 
Clearly articulate tasks through verbal communication and visual demonstration. 
Communicate with internal and external contacts to seek or convey information and coordinate critical activities.
Manage data collection and data entry systems within CRF’s master information repositories.
Participate in public speaking events and create presentation materials.  
Consistently demonstrate professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and remain discrete.


Work requires high levels of physical exertion and/or physical strain. Must be able to carry 65 pounds and able to lift 35 pounds overhead. This position is expected to perform 3 shallow-water scuba dives for up to 5 consecutive dives per week. Work environment involves frequent exposure to various elements (sun, heat, wind, rain, cold, etc). Typical work week is 9am-5pm, 5 days a week, inclusive of weekends. Additionally, a willingness to travel and work flexible hours is essential.


Coral Restoration Foundation, INC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




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