[Coral-List] ASLO 2018 Summer Meeting: Relevance of Host-microbe Interactions in Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning (SS65)

Ulisse Cardini ulisse.cardini at szn.it
Wed Feb 21 03:51:11 EST 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Only 3 days left to submit an abstract and contribute to a lively 


Il 24/01/2018 11:19, Ulisse Cardini ha scritto:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Please consider submitting an abstract to the following session at the 
> ASLO 2018 Summer Meeting in Victoria, Canada - 10‐15, June 2018.
> *Session 65: Relevance of Host-microbe Interactions in Aquatic 
> Ecosystem Functioning**
> *
> Beneficial host-microbe interactions are ubiquitous in nature. The 
> microbial partners primarily act as facilitators of niche adaptation, 
> and are a powerful driving force of speciation and evolution. Thanks 
> to their expanded metabolic repertoire, host-microbe interactions can 
> drive flows of energy and matter within their ecosystems, importantly 
> contributing to nutrients cycling. Huge progress has been made in our 
> understanding of host-microbe interactions thanks to the use of 
> molecular tools. However, their relevance in ecology, physiology and 
> evolution of aquatic organisms has only recently gained widespread 
> recognition, and the major challenge remains to understand how such 
> interactions contribute to the functioning of their ecosystems. In 
> many host-microbe mutualisms, a single host harbors complex microbial 
> communities, with a core and a flexible pool of different microbes 
> representing a broad spectrum of potential contributions. It is 
> inherently challenging to study such a multi-layered microbiota due to 
> its enormous diversity, and models with reduced complexity can help to 
> overcome these challenges. Concurrently, novel approaches are needed 
> to investigate the role of complex and diverse host-microbe 
> interactions within their habitats. This session thus welcomes 
> contributions addressing the whole spectrum of different studies and 
> approaches targeting the functioning of host-microbe interactions and 
> their relevance in aquatic ecosystems.
> The deadline for abstract submission and early registration is *23 
> February 2018*.
> For more details, please click the link below.
> https://aslo.org/victoria2018/main
> Please feel free to distribute the information among interested 
> colleagues.
> Kind regards,
> The Organizers:
> Ulisse Cardini, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), Italy, 
> ulisse.cardini at szn.it
> Grazia Marina Quero, SZN, Italy, grazia.quero at szn.it
> Marco Bartoli, University of Parma, Parma, Italy, marco.bartoli at unipr.it
> Jillian Petersen, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 
> petersen at microbial-ecology.net
> Rachel Foster, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, 
> rachel.foster at su.se

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