[Coral-List] NOAA Science Seminar TODAY: Citizen Science Benefits Coral Reef Restoration

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Thu Feb 22 07:35:48 EST 2018

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*Title: Citizen Science Benefits Coral Reef Restoration*

Speaker: Dalton Hesley, Research Associate, University of Miami RSMAS.
Presenting remotely.

When: TODAY, February 22, 2018, 12-1pm ET

Where: Via webinar (see login below) or for NOAA Silver Spring folks -
SSMC4, ROOM 8150

Sponsor: NOAA's National Ocean Service Science Seminar; seminar host is
Tracy.Gill at noaa.gov

Webinar Access: Mymeeting webinar uses phone for and internet. Audio is
only available over the phone: dial toll-free from US or CAN:
1-877-708-1667. Enter code 7028688#
For the webcast, go to www.mymeetings.com  Under "Participant Join", click
"Join an Event", then add conf no: 744925156. No is code needed for the
web. Be sure to install the correct plug‐in for WebEx before the seminar
starts - temporary application works fine.

Abstract: The abundance of corals has declined significantly over past
decades, to the point where several reef-building species in the Caribbean
are now listed as threatened. Active reef restoration has expanded
exponentially to help recover degraded coral populations and the ecological
services they provide. While restoration practitioners now grow hundreds of
coral genotypes from several species within coral nurseries and outplant
thousands onto degraded reefs annually, the cost of these activities
continues to be a limiting factor. We describe a citizen science program,
Rescue a Reef (RAR), which trains participants in reef restoration and
provides unique experiential learning opportunities to recover degraded
coral reefs. Between 2015-2017, 230 participants outplanted >1,300 staghorn
corals, showing that citizen scientists significantly contribute to reef
restoration. Most importantly, corals outplanted by RAR participants showed
the same survivorship as those outplanted by scientific experts. The direct
benefits of using citizen scientists for restoration are enhanced when the
educational opportunities offered by these expeditions are considered.
Results from our survey showed significant improvements in coral reef
ecology and restoration knowledge for RAR participants.

About the Speaker: Dalton Hesley is a University of Miami (UM) graduate,
earning his Master of Professional Science in Marine Biology and Ecology.
Before that, he received his B.S. degree in Biology from the University of
Minnesota-Duluth. Currently, he works as a Research Associate in Dr. Diego
Lirman's Benthic Ecology laboratory at UM while also managing their Rescue
a Reef program, a citizen science project aimed at supporting coral reef
research and restoration through community education and engagement. His
main areas of focus are marine ecosystem management as well as coral reef
conservation. He hopes to continue working to restore the future of our
coral reefs.

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