[Coral-List] Donation of periodicals

Francois Wernerus wernerus at corsecologie.com
Mon Feb 26 12:21:43 EST 2018

Dear colleagues,

I have in my possession three series of periodicals that each cover about ten years (roughly from 1990 to 2000/2001). I am not in the academic world anymore as I have been working as a free-lance consultant in integrated coastal zone management for the past 30 years, so I have no use of these periodicals anymore. Instead of letting them collect dust in my personal library where no one can access them (or worse throwing them away), I would much rather donate them to a university where researchers and students can benefit from them. Also, since it covers the 90’s, I doubt they were digitalised, so paper copies would be the only way to consult them (though I may be wrong, but not having access to a university online database I cannot check). The periodicals are:

- Evolution
- Animal Behaviour
- Behavioural Ecology

Sadly, our regional university is not interested. Would you know of any university library that would be interested in receiving them (or anyone on the list)? I would rather donate them to a library as it would benefit the greater number, but if no library is interested I would be more then happy to give them to any interested person. My personal email is wernerus at corsecologie.com, thank you for replying to me off list.

Best regards to all,


Dr Francois Wernerus
Consultant GIZC/ICZM Consultant
56 U Fondu
20214 Calenzana, Corsica
Tel: +33-495627907
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wernerus at corsecologie.com

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