[Coral-List] MEGA2018: Genomics workshops for the uninitiated, FL Keys, June 2018

Mikhail Matz matz at utexas.edu
Mon Feb 26 19:52:09 EST 2018

Dear colleagues -  

I am pleased to announce this year's genomics workshops "for the uninitiated", Methods in Ecological Genomics Analysis (MEGA 2018). There are two of them, as usual - please see short description below. More details (including contacts, costs, and how to register) can be found on the workshop's website: https://ecogeno.weebly.com/ <https://ecogeno.weebly.com/>   - please spread the word!


Misha Matz
MEGA2018 organizer and instructor-in-chief
https://ecogeno.weebly.com <https://ecogeno.weebly.com/>
1. June 3-9, 2018: Population genomics using low-coverage RAD data. 
Wet lab: preparation of 2bRAD libraries.
Dry lab: 
	- read processing using HPC computer cluster (Linux/bash);
	- population structure (PCA, ADMIXTURE, EEMS)
	- demographic analysis based on allele frequency spectrum (Moments, stairwayPlot)
	- genome scanning
Throughout the workshop we will use probabilistic genotyping with ANGSD, which is designed for low-coverage data.

2. June 10-16, 2018: Functional genomics and gene expression network analysis with TagSeq.
Wet lab: preparation of TagSeq libraries
Dry lab: 
	- read processing using HPC computer cluster (Linux/bash);
	- analysis of broad-scale patterns (PCA, DAPC)
	- finding differentially expressed genes using generalized linear models (DESeq2)
	- functional summaries (GO_MWU, KOGMWU)
	- gene co-expression network analysis (WGCNA)

Mikhail V. Matz
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Integrative Biology
2415 Speedway (Patterson labs) C0990 Austin, Texas 78712
phone 512-992-8086 cell, 512-475-6424 lab
fax 512-471-3878
web matzlab.weebly.com

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