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Michael Sweet M.Sweet at derby.ac.uk
Wed Feb 28 06:46:26 EST 2018

A new position opening up in my lab (Dr Michael Sweet, University of Derby)
Post-Doctoral Researcher Exploring the Impact of Diurnal and Seasonal Cycles on Aquatic Microbes and their Role in Fish Health
Life and Natural Sciences

University of Derby


£26,495 per annum

Closing Date:

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Contract Type:

Fixed Term 18 months

Post Type:

Full Time



An 18 month postdoctoral position is available in the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre at the University of Derby. The work will focus on exploring the importance of the microbiome and pathobiome in freshwater fish.

To accomplish this goal, the postholder will use the newly established Aquatic Research Facility and associated molecular laboratories to assess (ex-situ) what (if any) effects variations in environmental parameters (both diurnally and seasonally) have on the health of fish, specifically their microbiome. In particular we are interested in the impact such modeling has on the disease causing pathogens from the genus Mycobacterium. Aquaria programmed to mimic more natural settings will be tested against the more standard protocols utilized by zoos and aquariums i.e. fish housed under more constant environmental conditions. Specifically, we aim to explore and understand;

1.      The importance of the microbiome and pathobiome in fish health

2.      How such microbes are regulated in the environment and how this governs the microbiome of the host

3.      Does the current practice of consent environmental conditions associated with housing fish in aquaria encourage pathogen growth and negatively impact health of the host in question?

4.      The use of an endangered freshwater fish species (Valencia robertae) as a model organism in order to address a devastating fish disease (Mycobacterium) from destroying exsitu collections of this species

This post is ideally suited to researchers who have experience in both bacterial metagenomics and experimental biology. The post holder should have an interest in ecology and aquatic systems and experience with micro controllers and embedded hardware would be advantageous or alternatively experience setting up aquaria is desirable. The postholder will be given the opportunity to contribute to the development and direction of this project, and these positions are ideally suited for ambitious researchers with good team-work and leadership skills. The postholder will be joining an ever increasing team of researchers (3 post docs and 5 PhD students) led by Associate Professor Michael Sweet https://www.derby.ac.uk/staff/michael-sweet/ and this project will be co-lead by microbiologist Dr David Elliott https://www.derby..ac.uk/staff/david-elliott/. The successful candidate will hold a doctoral degree (or near completion) in a relevant subject area and will be encouraged to apply for further funding with Dr Sweet and Elliott over the duration of the grant.

To apply please go to;


Dr Michael Sweet

Associate Professor in Aquatic Biology and Head of the Aquatic Research Facility
The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
College of Life and Natural Sciences
University of Derby
DE22 1GB

Tel: 01332592398
Mobile: 07895155968
Skype: m.j.sweet
Twitter: @DiseaseMatters

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