[Coral-List] New manuscript on developmental gene expression in Acropora millepora (Marie Strader)

Marie Strader stradermarie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 12:30:20 EST 2018

Dear coral-listers,

We are pleased to present our recent manuscript entitled "Molecular
characterization of larval development from fertilization to metamorphosis
in a reef-building coral", published open access in BMC Genomics.


We profiled genome-wide gene expression in a reef-building coral *Acropora
millepora* every 24 hours for 12 days post-fertilization, from embryo to
the “competent” larva fully capable of settlement and metamorphosis, with
four-fold biological replication, generating the most extensive gene
expression dataset through larval development for in any non-bilaterian
animal. Network-based analysis revealed co-expression modules associated
with a variety of time-dependent profiles, including maternal-zygotic
transition, and the rise of larval competence, the latter of which has
never been characterized before. We show that the competent larvae are
indeed “primed” for metamorphosis at the gene expression level, as was
hypothesized previously, and validate the role of specific signaling
pathways and receptors using a targeted drug screen. We also characterize
the phenotype and expression of GFP-like proteins, the function of which
remains unresolved despite the fact that they are some of the most
abundantly expressed genes in coral larvae. This study provides a
foundation for asking broad questions about evolution of development,
dispersal and sensory capacities of early life stages in multicellular

Please contact us with any comments or questions.

Happy new year!

Marie Strader, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Marine Science Institute
University of California, Santa Barbara
stradermarie at gmail.com

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