[Coral-List] terminology for coral tissues and ultrastructural features

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Hi All,

Esti Winter-Kramarsky and I prepared the Glossary of Coral Anatomy and 
Histopathology Terms as a result of discussions among the veterinary and 
invertebrate pathologists at the Coral Disease and Health Consortium's 
workshop: Coral Histopathology II workshop held in 2005, on the need for 
consistency and clarity to describe the locations of lesions. We 
realized then--and confirmed this during our research--that multiple 
terms have been used for the same cells and structures (as is true in 
human anatomy and histology) and that definitions written over the years 
have been confusing and sometimes not appropriately used in the 
literature. We consulted with Walter Goldberg, Daphne Fautin, Steve 
Cairns, and Jaroslaw Stolarski (and others), to identify and define the 
terms, and included historical notes about why some terms were used but 
changed. Lorenzo noted that coenosarc applies to hard corals, but 
coenenchyme to soft corals, but Walter explained to me that coenosarc 
really meant the thin tissue covering the outside of some hydroids and 
that coenenchyme ("common tissue") should be used for both colonial 
octocorals and hexacorals (so coenosarc does not appear in that glossary).

I was asked to contribute the chapter, "Anatomy," to the book, /Diseases 
of Coral/ (ed. Woodley et al. 2016; 
https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Diseases+of+Coral-p-9780813824116). This 
illustrated chapter describes the gross and microscopic anatomy of the 
anthozoan corals, updating and expanding the material from the workshop 
glossary through the literature available to 2014 (it took a couple of 
years to get published). I hope that this peer-reviewed chapter will 
serve as the "standard" for anatomical terms of corals. It is now one of 
my resources for the course I teach on coral histopathology. Of course, 
continuing research will provide new discoveries that may require 
adopting new terms, and the glossary must evolve (I know there are some 
updates to be made, I hope someone else will do this in the future).

Esther Peters, Ph.D.
George Mason University
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
Fairfax, VA

On 1/8/2018 5:15 PM, Lorenzo Menzel wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> There may seem to be different terms used for similar tissues, but
> your example of coenosarc and coenenchyme for tissue between polyps
> might not be the best: coenosarc is mainly used with hard corals, i.e.
> hexacorallia, while coenenchyme is used mainly with soft corals e.g.
> octocorallia in my experience. In fact I have used coenenchyme for an
> octocoral in a 2015 publication (Histology and ultrastructure of the
> coenenchyme of the octocoral Swiftia exserta, a model organism for
> innate immunity/graft rejection) based on the precedents set by Bayer
> in 1956, 1961, 1974, and 1983; Kingsley in 1982 and 1983; von Koch in
> 1887; and Silveira and van't Hoff in 1977.
> Lorenzo
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>> Hi everyone,
>> I wanted to ask if there is a universal guide or glossary list of terms
>> appropriate to use when describing coral histology and ultrastructure.
>> Thanks to a colleague, I realized that there are multiple terms for the
>> same type of tissues. E.g. the literature uses the terms "coenosarc" as
>> well as "coenenchyme" for the connecting tissue between individual
>> polyps. A guide from the Coral Disease and Health Workshop: Coral
>> histopathology II (2005) provides a nice overview about a number of
>> terms (http://aquaticcommons.org/2236/1/rpt_full.pdf) and I am tempted
>> to use them. Is there a standard reference for the naming of specific
>> coral tissues? Thanks.
>> All the best,
>> Thomas
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