[Coral-List] Data Rescue for Coral Reefs

Ouida Meier omeier at hawaii.edu
Fri Jan 19 17:11:21 EST 2018

Dear friends,

Please help us get this opportunity notice to the right people, as they may
not be active on coral-list.

For a 4-day "workathon" workshop on Data Rescue for Coral Reefs during
March 7-10, 2018 that NSF CRESCYNT is holding with NCEAS (see
http://crescyntblog.org), we're looking for up to 10 senior researchers -
maybe folks about to retire - whose data is vulnerable to being lost. Data
that people captured at earlier intersections of space and time is
extremely valuable; those particular intersections will never come again.
In the process of working with these researchers to save their data and put
it into open repositories, we'll also train, as partners, up to 10 early
career researchers in data management techniques. As we go we'll harvest
workflows and essential data management instruction to share with the coral
reef community.

"Data" can mean spreadsheets, images, videos, field notebooks, records of
specimens and lab results, etc. - whatever people have that connects to
fully characterize coral reef surveys, studies, or data collections.

"Early career researchers" can mean graduate or undergraduate students,
postdocs, or other early career scientists wanting to learn some data
management and willing to invest time helping a senior researcher harvest
and curate data.

People can apply with or without a predetermined teammate. Partners do not
have to be at the same institution (though that would be helpful). Expect
some significant pre-workshop investment of time and effort in assembling
records and data. Travel expenses for workshop participants will be paid by
an NSF grant to CRESCYNT Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network.

Apply directly at http://bit.ly/crw-one and learn more at
http://crescyntblog.org (this is Workshop 1 of two workshops open for
application). Please circulate this opportunity to potential workshop
participants, both senior researchers with data to share and early career
researchers who can help with harvest. If you know of valuable but
abandoned coral reef data collections, please contact me directly (
omeier at hawaii.edu). Workshop outcomes will be shared.

Thanks very much,
on behalf of Ruth D Gates, PI

Ouida W. Meier, Ph.D.
omeier at hawaii.edu
* Data Manager, 'Ike Wai
ITS-Cyberinfrastructure, Univ of Hawai'i
*Progr Data Mgmt Assoc, EarthCube Coral Reef Science & Cyberinfrastructure
Hawai'i Inst of Marine Biology, Univ of Hawai'i
crescynt.org | crescyntblog.org <http://crescyntblog.wordpress.com>

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